fbPressPage: Your WordPress Content Inside Facebook

It?s not very often we toot our own horns?but THIS is that cool! And afterall, I am in the business of teaching how to be more effective with your marketing and technology implementation!

So here it goes! If you have a WordPress site (particular those of you on the Genesis platform) and a Facebook Page in need of some serious love (aka content)?.I?d like to introduce you to fbPressPage, from Agent Evolution! This is a WordPress and Genesis Framework specific add-on that brings your site content into your Facebook Page as a tab.

As a Facebook Page Admin, you?re faced with the challenge of trying to provide content (listings, community, neighborhood, market data, etc) on your Facebook Page, or searching for the right app that will attempt to do it for you. fbPressPage gives you the ability to customize your Facebook Page Tab with your WordPress content and features?and you can do it right from the WordPress Admin.

What EXACTLY does fbPressPage do?

Skies the limit! But when it comes to showcasing your real estate and local market expertise you can add the following to your fbPressPage: (1) IDX home search, (2) featured listings, (3) city or neighborhood specific content, (4) school info and scores, (5) market trend data, (6) contact forms, (7) recent blog posts, etc.

Let?s see how this looks in Facebook! Check out the ?Real Estate? tab for in the gallery below. This tab highlights 5 cities in the Tri-Valley region, which also happen to be city specific pages created within WordPress.?Notice the tab offers home search powered by Diverse Solutions.?The Simple Real Estate Pack (also a plugin) provides school data from, as well as market trend graphs from Trulia.

What?s the benefit of fbPressPage?

fbPressPage utilizes the functionality of your WordPress site to better optimize your Facebook Tabs. So the valuable features and content you have on your WP site can be widgetized into an individual tab that loads right into your Facebook Page.

If you have IDX home search on your site, with fbPressPage, you now have that functionality inside Facebook. View featured listings and search for homes in particular markets. Got neighborhood pages or market stats on your site, make them twice as useful. Add a contact form or other calls to action. Or maybe you?re a content creator? Feature your blog posts along with improved sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

Another key benefit of using fbPressPage is that it can fangate your Facebook Page content. So when someone lands on your Facebook Page the content on your custom tab will be semi-visible (grayed out). A pop-up box will appear asking users to ?Like? your page in order to gain access to your custom content and features. <coming in version 1.1> And if you’re an early adopter, don’t worry…we can add it in for you with the new release!

fbPressPage can also clean up your Facebook Page clutter. Too many?inefficient?apps can distract your audience and make your brand and messaging unclear. Rock your own content, simplify your calls to action and make it easy for your connections to get the info they’re looking for.

Learn more about fbPressPage

This is a premium WordPress add-on. A site license can be purchased for a one-time set-up fee of $199. Visit to learn more or make a request!

Prerequisites: You need to have a site built with and the Genesis Framework. Not on Genesis? We can build or move your site to Genesis, as well as hook you up with fbPressPage for Facebook.


Now clearly I’m a fan of fbPressPage for the reasons mentioned above. ?But simply put, ?it’s just one more reason to ROCK WordPress and Facebook…a powerful marketing combination!

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