Social Media ROI: You Get What You Give

My friend and RE franchiser extraordinaire, Michael McClure, asked me to give my opinions recently via video on the ?ROI of using social media in real estate?.? In fact, he asked a number of talented and successful real estate influencers to weigh in…including my better half, Reggie Nicolay. If you haven?t had the opportunity to check out this video series, make sure you do!

And if you’d rather get to the point than watch me dance in yet another video, read on.

So what’s my take on the ?ROI in Social Media”?

First, let me remind us of the obvious. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and the lot, are little or no cost to you at all.

Yes, they take time and effort?but doesn?t EVERY good marketing strategy?!

And it?s true?time is money. And many will say that social media takes too much time. Well, not if you?re using it in an effective manner. In fact, social media can enhance what you?re already doing with your marketing by driving consumers back to you (your info, your expertise, your knowledge, your website).

In terms of measuring your efforts:

Start with goals and objectives, make a plan, block your time and give yourself tasks to complete, and use the RIGHT tools to measure what you do.

What do you measure:

It could be numbers (like followers, friends, & likes) but I?m not always a fan of numbers alone.? It could be the level of engagement taking place, and it can also be leads you receive via the various channels you?re participating in.

What can be difficult to measure:

New relationships being facilitated and maintained, and the level of trust being established with your targets.? And sometimes it?s difficult to know EXACTLY what you did to make the phone ring?or emails, tweets, and FB messages roll in?but they do?and they will.

What do I do:

I think about what I want to accomplish? Then, tie my goals and objectives to specific actions?and see what happens.


I?ll tell you this much?”you get what you give“. So, start giving?your expertise, your knowledge, your thoughts, and your insights.? Success won?t happen overnight?but I KNOW you?ll be surprised by what comes back to you. I am?EVERY single day!


About NikNik

Nicole Nicolay "@nik_nik" is Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Agent Evolution, and author of "WordPress for Real Estate: From Static to Standout". Her passion is educating real estate professionals on how to generate business by integrating both new and traditional channels of marketing. She is also co-founder and editor of, where she's been blogging about real estate technology since 2005. Nicole was named one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders in Real Estate for 2010, Top 10 Most Fearless Women Online & in Social Media for 2011, and 2012's Top 30 Women in Social Media in the world.