Adobe Lightroom: The Best Photo Solution

Photos are one of the most powerful tools a real estate agent has at their disposal. They help to tell the story of a listing or a community.

Whether printed, uploaded to Facebook, or added to a blog, images add an appeal that words alone simply can?t.

The key to effectively using photography isn?t in the camera. It is the software you use to organize, edit and share your pictures that will make the difference.

Photo software comes in many forms. Web-based systems like and free programs like Picasa offer easy-to-use, basic photo management tools. Advanced users can use Photoshop CS5, but at a hefty price tag and a steep learning curve. [Read more…]


Powered By WordPress 3.0

Reading NikNik’s recent post on the MTO redesign takes me back to a lot of great times in blogging. It also reminds me of a lot of the challenges we faced in being early adopters of the WordPress platform.

Many times, our vision didn?t coincide with the current technology. That is when having a ?mad scientist? like Reggie came in handy. He would always find a way to introduce new features that amazed us.

By 2010, the world of WordPress had caught up to our vision in a lot of ways. The problem was, MyTechOpinion was built on such a highly customized template, that taking advantage of advancements in WordPress was getting difficult. [Read more…]


How-To: Manage Your Events Using WordPress

In “4 Ways To Add An Event Calendar To Your WordPress Blog“, we looked at options for adding an event calendar to your WordPress website. The solutions were offered with an emphasis on sharing community events.

But, what if you have an event you are producing yourself? Maybe that event requires managing RSVP’s or even selling tickets to the event. You’ll need a more specialized system than a basic calendar. Fortunately, there are several WordPress plugins that will help you pull your event off without a hitch. [Read more…]


Goodbye Vista!

It is complete. I am now 100% Vista-free. Let me tell you, it feels good.

Windows 7 seems lighter, faster and cleaner. It has breathed new life into my aging computers.

First Impressions

Microsoft has done a good job of simply refining Vista. At first, I was disappointed that Windows 7 is so much like Vista. After upgrading 2 computers and working with the operating system, I am glad Microsoft didn?t start from scratch.


As an early adopter of Vista, I dealt with software and hardware compatibility issues. This was frustrating and costly as many programs and peripherals had to be replaced.

Fortunately, everything that worked on my Vista computers is compatible on Windows 7. [Read more…]


Lucky Number 7

Two and a half years has gone by very quickly. It seems like just yesterday that I was booting up my Windows Vista computer for the first time with excitement and anticipation. For me, it was like watching that summer blockbuster you?ve eagerly awaited in hopes of it exceeding your expectations. But, like most summer blockbusters, Windows Vista didn?t live up to expectations. It was a bloated and flawed operating system in many ways. Vista does have quite a few redeeming qualities. It was an improvement over Windows XP to the point that I never considered reformatting and going back the older OS (something I did shortly after installing Windows ME).

We are now back to a time of great anticipation. Hopes that Microsoft will redeem itself with the release Windows 7 abound. Will Windows 7 be faster? Will it ask fewer annoying questions? Will it work with all of my current software and hardware? With the Windows 7 release coming October 22, all of our questions will be answered soon enough.

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The ?Cannot modify header information?? WordPress Error

You are working away at building your WordPress website. Having fun finding plugins to add exciting new functionality to your site when error messages start appearing at the top of the WordPress admin.

The error message starts with (1) ?Warning: Cannot modify header information ? headers already sent by??, followed by (2) a reference to a plugin file and (3) a reference to ?pluggable.php on line 850?.

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5 Ways To Add A Membership Area To A WordPress Website

Moving beyond its blogging platform roots, WordPress is gaining in popularity as a content management system (CMS). With this shift in utilization, the system is being asked to host more complex websites. One such example is that of a membership site.

In real estate, there are numerous uses for a membership site:

Real Estate Brokerage Intranet – Share news, make documents and forms available for download, and post company meetings and events on the calendar (using one of our recommended WordPress calendar solutions).

Preferred Client Area – Add an area to your real estate website to share special information and services to clients who register. Can you say, “lead generation” or “client retention”?

Paid Content Site – Are you the next Brian Buffini? Have a sales strategy that is worth selling? Create a membership site with paid subscriptions.

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4 Ways To Add An Event Calendar To Your WordPress Blog

The addition of an event calendar can add a lot of value to your website or blog. This is especially true for those real estate agents who maintain a community based site.

Posting information on events such as farmers’ markets, garage sales, club meetings and city recreation programs to a calendar makes your website community resource. A resource worth bookmarking, Twittering or sharing on Facebook.

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