Customize Your Facebook Profile or Fan Page with Smarter Agent!

You may have heard of the popular Smarter Agent Mobile Application for real estate companies and professionals?.but what you may not know is that they just released a Facebook application to compliment their mobile app!

First and Foremost

Smarter Agent is a mobile app platform that can be utilized and branded by agents and brokers. The app can be downloaded by consumers to search all MLS listings in their area. And it?s important to know that Smarter Agent works on virtually all mobile phone devices. [Read more…]

post Launches New iPhone App & Makes Mobile Home Search Useful

I know the 12 Days of iPhone Apps are over, but I couldn?t help but share a brand new app that launches today! is making their 4 million listings accessible via the iPhone. In addition, they are providing agents and consumers with a rich set of features to make the most of their mobile experience.

Agents that already utilize to post their listings will be able to sync with their account via the app. Branding and contact information is carried over so that interested buyers can easily reach out to the agent, or even add the agent to their iPhone address book. In fact, an interested buyer can contact the listing agent in a number of ways with a single tap: ask a question, call agent directly, visit agent Website. [Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 9: Animoto

On the 9th Day of iPhone Apps
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
Animoto on the go,
Create & share a cool slideshow!

About the Animoto app:

It should be no surprise to you that we think Animoto rocks! So endorsing the Animoto iPhone app is something we?ve been meaning to do. With it,? you create free 30 second animated slideshows, or a 90 second slideshow for $3. The app also syncs with your account. So all the slideshows you create from your desktop will be accessible. The Animoto app also sports share controls, making it easy to share your slideshow from your iPhone to social networks or via email with a special message to your recipient. [Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 7: WebEx

On the 7th Day of iPhone Apps,
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
The WebEx app makes meetings mobile,
Get dialed in like Robert Scoble!

About the Webex iPhone app:

Remote meetings just got even easier with the WebEx app. Now, if you have to attend an online meeting but can?t be near a computer you can attend from your iPhone. Log in using the app and it automatically dials into the audio portion of the meeting. You can even see the presenter?s screen on your iPhone. This app really makes WebEx standout from its online meeting competitors. [Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 5: Tweetie 2

On the 5th Day of iPhone Apps,
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
It?s time to twitter like a pro,
Get Tweetie 2 now?go…go, go!

Okay, if you know me well?you know I already favor HootSuite as the ultimate real-time drip tweet tool. So? you may be surprised that I?ve chosen to write about Tweetie 2, and not the new HootSuite iPhone app that debuted last week. I?ve had some time to play around with the new HootSuite app and I do like it, and will probably use it occasionally. I also recognize that scheduling tweets and viewing trackable link stats is very helpful.

However, practicality comes into play when dealing with mobile apps vs. desktop apps. ?I?m really not sure that I scheduling tweets via [Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 4: Ustream

On the 4th Day of iPhone Apps,
MyTechOpinion blogged to you
Ustream broadcasts live video
With it, you?re a one man show!

About Ustream Live Broadcaster:

Ustream Live Broadcaster may not be the first official app providing streaming capability from your iPhone, but the features and functionality are absolutely noteworthy! You?ll need the 3G network and wifi, but both 3Gs and 3G iPhone users can download this free app (running OS 3.1 or higher). Shoot and share your live video via Ustream, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. You could also embed a Ustream player on your blog. Viewers can interact with your live video via chat. You can even launch a yes/no poll and receive real-time results! [Read more…]


Do you really think I?m visiting your Facebook profile to look for homes? Really!?!

Saturday night brings with it one of my most favorite TV segments??Really!?! with Seth & Amy?. In this SNL skit, Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers share their snarky take on current affairs. So in the spirit of ?Really!???I?m going to shed some light on ?Real Estate Listings Inside Facebook?!

Let?s start with obvious failures inside Facebook?at the moment!

MyRealEstateListings (there are 2 of them, as well as a few more similarly named cohorts) but they essentially all do the same thing- create a ?MyRealEstate? or ?MyListings? tab on your profile. You can then click on the tab (when was the last time you clicked on a tab) to view a lack luster interface of your manually entered listings from which you can then decide to click further to obtain details, which lands you on a third party site outside of Facebook. Click for more details, really!?! [Read more…]


How to Make Use of Twitter Lists

Twitter has been rolling out their new Lists feature to tweeps over the last few weeks. If you?re still waiting, be patient (or whine about it in the public stream like I did). The feature was made available to me last week and unfortunately I was so busy I had to wait until the weekend to play with it. But now that I have, I?m excited to share my experience and suggestions with you.

What are Twitter Lists?

Twitter Lists are nothing more than groupings of your tweeps based on categories you choose. For example: I have 3 lists thus far, (1) RE Rockstars, (2) Tech Influencers, and (3) Keepin? It Real. Tweeps can exist in multiple lists, but at this point it looks like you are limited to creating 20 lists. [Read more…]