Connect utility services and more from one Website.

WhiteFence is the self proclaimed ?leading online one-stop comparison shopping marketplace for consumers looking to compare and order essential home services.? In a nutshell, WhiteFence offers consumers the ability to connect most necessary home services. Whitefence positions itself to aid both the consumer who is moving and the consumer that simply wants to switch service providers.

I went to and entered my address and was pleasantly surprised by the easy access to the vendors I have selected if I was really changing services. Here are a few areas they provide assistance with:

Basic Services

  • Phone
  • Cable TV
  • Satellite TV
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Electricity
  • Change of Address
  • Newspaper Delivery
  • Natural Gas
  • Water and Sewage

Financial Services

  • Banking Services
  • Renters Insurance
  • Rent Payments

Moving Services

  • Mover Quotes
  • Packing Supplies
  • Auto Shipping
  • Self Storage

Because of the wealth of information at my finger tips, and the fact that switching services is such a headache, in my opinion WhiteFence is one to add to your bag of tricks!

Similiar Products: Connect Utilities, and MoveUtilities


Cyberhomes, The FNRES answer to home valuation

Well it?s official, last week FNRES (Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions) launched ?Cyberhomes? lead by Marty Frame, former chief information officer. Now Marty is the Sr. Vice President / Chief Information Officer for FNRES.

The new FNRES product ?Cyberhomes? is going to be the newest and hottest valuation tool on the Internet for a consumer. With Cyberhomes having access to IDM and Hansen Data it?s sure to dominate over tools such as Zillow, House Values and Real Estate ABC. For example, as I understand it, Cyberhomes has access to over 100 million property records compared to Zillow who has around 67 million. Cyberhomes will also be updating more than 575,000 new ownership records every month.

The valuation data derived from Cyberhomes is based on the AVM Fidelity has been refining for years, most recently know as ?Value Your Home.? With Cyberhomes valuation, the volume of data is amazing, but even better is how the consumer can include adjustments on things they know are positive or negative about the home, neighborhood, or even the community.

The tool also boasts upwards of 18 dynamic graphs detailing the property and its comparables, property in the neighborhood and key market fundamentals. I should also mention these graphs do not look like the Value Your Home graphs. They?ve reinvented the visuals, the graphs are now colorful and dynamic. Users can change the time period on the fly.

Like Zillow and others this tool will be free for the consumer. However, unlike its closest competitors Cyberhomes also promises to be a lead generation tool for REALTORS. Brokers will have the option of having their listings show up on the tool. This is much easier than Trulia who requires the broker to setup a live feed to communicate inventory. With these lead generation aspects, Cyberhomes promises to be REALTOR friendly.


How can Trulia help my business?

Have you heard about the new Trulia Real Estate Search? Inman recently announced Trulia as the “2006 Most Innovative Web Service“. Trulia connects home buyers directly with brokers through their online interface offering a ?mashup? of interactive neighborhood and satellite maps, homes for sale, multiple search views, and market trends to help the home search process.

ENOUGH, How can Trulia help me?
By displaying your listings with a link back to your website. Trulia indexes real estate information from various website feeds into their easy to use interface. Learn about starting your own feed to Trulia by clicking here. (* Note: If you do establish a feed, each listing must have complete data and an image.)

If you are feeding properties to Trulia, you may want to use some of their free tools. Trulia offers an Integrated Search Box, Trulia Map, Home Roll (Newsest homes on Trulia) and a XML RSS Feed of results pages. Take a look at their map plugin below:

Trulia Provides Local Information
When it comes to relocation info, Trulia has done a wonderful job of dynamically linking all of the best locations in one easy interface. Take a look at the California Real Estate Guides, he is a Snapshot of San Francisco. You’ll view sales trends with graphs, schools, census information (i.e. crime, houshold income, travel times.) local maps, community Organizations, attractions, parks & recreation, entertainment, news & media, and government.

Try the Trulia local real estate guides search here

Trulia logo
Examples: “San Francisco, CA”, “94588”


The Advantage of Online Spreadsheets

The new Google Spreadsheet application enables users to create web-based spreadsheets that anyone with permission can simultaneously update from their own computer. Google Spreadsheet has many benefits, including:

  • Easily share spreadsheets & collaborate in real-time. With Google Spreadsheet users can invite anyone to read and/or modify your spreadsheets.
  • Efficiently edit your spreadsheets from anywhere. All you need is access to the internet, nothing to download!
  • Store your spreadsheets quickly and securely online.
  • Import and export your .xls and .csv formatted data.

To signup for Google Spreadsheets you must have a Google account. To get started, click here.

Visit Google Spreadsheets at:

Take a tour of Google Docs and Spreadhseets


FSBO’s Delivered To Your Email Daily?

Do you actively marketing to For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties? Are you looking newspaper by newpaper for these leads? There is a better way! Introducing LandVoice, the premier source for FSBO leads in the industry. Landvoice searches over 1,600 sources of FSBO information every day, such as newspaper classified ads, home sale magazines, and real estate listing web sites in over 400 major US markets. Landvoice is the most complete FSBO database in existence today.

From my research I learned the median FSBO selling price in 2004 was 15.4 percent less than the median agent-assisted transaction price. It looks like FSBO sellers wanting to save money are actually losing money in lower sales prices. (Source: NAR)

Fast Fact: According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of FSBO’s list with a Realtor.

Click here for the “NAR Fields Guide to Marketing FSBO’s”


Online Communities: Taking your farm to the next level!

With the market changing many agents are looking at their current offering’s and trying to re-invent themselves. Why not change some techniques with your geographical farm area to build your name recognition? One idea would be to create an online community or intranet. This online tool is aimed at providing your geographical farm area targeted information ranging from local classifieds, forumns, news, directories, surveys, documents, events–the list goes on.

The Blue Fire Group, based in Littleton Colarado, has created a tool by the name of Non Stop Neighbors. This community-based intranet is designed to allow agents to sponsor a site, as a result gaining neighborhood exposure. Since the agent is providing this resource to local homeowners, they will obtain email addresses as community members join. Non Stop Neighbors helps to ensure visitors keep coming back using automatic communication. Also every neighborhood site has a real estate module allowing the agent to become the local real estate expert and generate quality leads.