What The New Facebook Profiles & Staging Homes Have in Common

So? tonight as I watched the new Facebook Profile being unmasked during 60 minutes, I realized I was both excited and nervous to take a peek for myself. ?I headed on over to check it out and quickly recognized the prompt guiding me through the update. If you haven’t seen that prompt, you can get the ball rolling here.

Once upgraded I experienced the happy delight of a new vantage point…exactly the same high I get when rearranging furniture. Yes, I enjoy the familiar comfort of my living spaces, but it’s always refreshing and energizing to update the design and functionality in my home. Same goes for Facebook Profiles…really! So here’s what I like so far…and what might take some getting used to: [Read more…]


The Secret to Being the BEST Possible YOU?ONLINE!

You hear it again…and again and again. When it comes to developing your Web presence you have to be “authentic”…you have to be “the real you”. You know, be the same person online that you are offline. That’s what all the gurus will reiterate…and they’re right.

But let’s face it…not all of us are really THAT interesting? Or are we? Have you taken the time to really digest what makes YOU…YOU?! And are you sharing what makes YOU…YOU in the best possible way. I challenge you to take minute and examine your finer points. What are your interests? What are your strengths? What knowledge base do you possess, and could potentially share it in a more helpful way with your sphere!? Well, don’t tell me… make a list and have it handy! [Read more…]


Social Media Mojo, Tools Baby?Yeah!

Are you feeling groovy today? Yes, no?maybe so, well let me share a little of my social media mojo with you then! I put together the following presentation recently to share some of my favorite Web and mobile solutions for finding, creating, and sharing content via your favorite social channels.

In addition, you?ll notice I provided tips for ?best practices? with these tools! And as if 20 tools aren?t enough to help you shake your groove thing?I scored 12 more ?agent picks? from some of your favorite colleagues in the! Special thanks to @RealtorTed, @LesleyLambert, @Hermanity, @DaleChumbley, @PasadenaViews, @skynnard, @TLCHome,?@mindyg, and @goingbigger!

So here they are baby…. [Read more…]


Forget What the Experts Say?You CAN Shortcut Your Way to Success with Social Media

The Social Media Experts I?m a fan of will tell you that if you want to succeed in applying social media as a business strategy that it requires planning, consistency, balance, originality, relevancy, and listening?among other things. And they would be right. But when it comes to real estate marketing, many agents struggle with working ON their business because they?re tapped by working IN their business. And for the most part, I?ve always considered that an excuse (myself included).

There is some validity however, to the shear amount of effort required in implementing social media marketing strategies?.or ANY effective marketing strategies for that matter. And that?s why I?m not surprised when agents ask me if I can do ?the social media? for them. But if you know me, then you know I?m not an automator?I?m an educator. Which means I prefer you learn about the new strategies available to you, best practices for using them, and how to measure their effectiveness. [Read more…]


Why I Wanna ROCK Agent Reboot!

A great opportunity to get excited about the future of real estate, and your role in it, is headed your way. Agent Reboot is a new conference tour created by Inman News. This road show of sorts is hosted by yours truly (Woohoo!) and Daniel Rothamel. The goal of the event is to examine and identify new technologies that are shaping and changing the real estate industry, and ideas on how they are being implemented?or should be.

This one-day party, oops, I mean conference will be taking place in 12 cities. My boogie shoes are packed for: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, Las Vegas, Portland. And then your favorite Real Estate Zebra will be rocking: Denver, Houston, Chicago, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Washington DC.

So what goes down at an Agent Reboot you ask?

Well, as one of your hosts I can confirm that you?ll most likely learn something you probably didn?t know already. You?ll hear about the latest innovations in real estate from local brokers and speakers, as well as from many familiar industry rockstars! You?ll be invited to stop by, connect, and ?tweetup? with attendees and speakers after the event. Oh, and checking out any of the top industry products and services in the EXPO may result in a handsome reward.

[Read more…]


The New Rules of Content Creation & Curation

Yesterday I had the opportunity of being a guest on #RTB on the Radio. Many of you may be familiar with this crew, but if you’re not you’re really missing out! Really! So jump in and join the conversation. Michael McClure, Todd Waller, and Maya Paveza are hitting the #RTB nail on the head with each and every guest on their show, as well as just by being their uber-professional selves out there in the Lead by example folks, woohoo!

[Read more…]


oneforty. Your Target for Twitter Tools

There?s an app for that! That?s what we?re told anyway. But how do you find the best apps to streamline business productivity and online sharing? When it comes to Twitter, there?s a site for that? Oneforty, and it?s ?oneforty??all lower case letters for those of you that would like to bring a smile to @pistachio?s face.

Anyway, oneforty is like your Target for Twitter tools. Sure I can go to Walmart?but the shelves are overstocked with so many items I get frustrated by the experience and make a b-line for the door while hoping nothing jumps out at me. Target, on the other hand, also offers a great variety of items, but the shopping experience is one that draws me in. It?s organized aisles invite me to stay awhile, assuring me I?ll find what I need?.oh, and there?s a Starbucks.

Now oneforty may not have a Starbucks, but it does happen to be a comprehensive site for finding, rating, collecting, and sharing Twitter apps. And by Twitter apps, I?m also referring to any application which posts to, shares content with, and/or is relative to Twitter in any way. The site was founded by Laura Fitton ?@pistachio?, author of Twitter for Dummies, is backed by a rockin? development team, and advised by social media heavyweights @briansolis and @guykawasaki. [Read more…]


How To Consolidate Your Email Notifications?In A Nutshell!

I don?t know about you, but I get quite a few email notifications from the various social networks I engage in. From new Twitter follower notifications to Facebook friend requests and updates?.my inbox can get uber-cluttered, uber-fast!

A new service called NutshellMail aims to be the Mr. Clean of your email inbox! With it, you can add all your social accounts, even other Webmail providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. And instead of getting hit with a barrage of notifications you get one sleek email that gives you a daily rundown of social happenings from all your accounts!

I?ve been using NutshellMail for a couple of weeks now, and I find it to be a very useful way to consolidate all my email notifications. Which honestly reduces the distractions, stress, and organizational efforts I once dealt with.

So, exactly how does NutshellMail work? [Read more…]