Add To My Page: Roost Social Real Estate App

One of the best social media strategies for real estate agents is to become your network?s trusted advisor. And of course one of the best places to put that strategy into play is, without a doubt, on Facebook. So you create a profile and import your sphere list, now what?!

Well, as a real estate professional you can easily showcase your expertise and knowledge about your market area and industry trends. One of the ways I suggest doing this is by posting status updates that offer relevant info and/or tips your network would find helpful. Now some of you are already REALLY GOOD at sharing this type of info?and you might be so good at it that you decide to create a Fan Page to focus more intently on business.

Fan Pages are becoming more popular among real estate professionals for several reasons. Most importantly, [Read more…]


Customize Your Facebook Profile or Fan Page with Smarter Agent!

You may have heard of the popular Smarter Agent Mobile Application for real estate companies and professionals?.but what you may not know is that they just released a Facebook application to compliment their mobile app!

First and Foremost

Smarter Agent is a mobile app platform that can be utilized and branded by agents and brokers. The app can be downloaded by consumers to search all MLS listings in their area. And it?s important to know that Smarter Agent works on virtually all mobile phone devices. [Read more…]


10 Tips for Getting Reacquainted with Facebook?s New Layout

Facebook celebrated it?s 6th birthday in style?by launching a redesign of the home page.? I was excited to be included in the initial 80 million accounts that were updated with the design on February 4th. This new layout is being rolled out to the remaining Facebook users now (Reggie’s still waiting).

I have to say I?ve been a bit annoyed with some of the recent minor changes made by Facebook, but when it comes to this new overhaul?I?m a fan! Most notably, are the cleaner home page appearance and the removal of the bottom ?start? bar. The search bar is now prominently displayed in the top center of the home page, just above the News Feed. And the top blue navigation bar has been simplified to include just a few key quick launch links on the left and right sides.

Now just in case you are a tad turned around by this new layout, I put together a quick list of 10 tips for getting reacquainted with the network you know and love! [Read more…]

post Launches New iPhone App & Makes Mobile Home Search Useful

I know the 12 Days of iPhone Apps are over, but I couldn?t help but share a brand new app that launches today! is making their 4 million listings accessible via the iPhone. In addition, they are providing agents and consumers with a rich set of features to make the most of their mobile experience.

Agents that already utilize to post their listings will be able to sync with their account via the app. Branding and contact information is carried over so that interested buyers can easily reach out to the agent, or even add the agent to their iPhone address book. In fact, an interested buyer can contact the listing agent in a number of ways with a single tap: ask a question, call agent directly, visit agent Website. [Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 12: Qik

About Qik:

A few weeks back we were excited to hear Ustream was approved for the iTunes app store. At the time, it seemed obvious Qik would follow suite and make a move for approval. Well it?s happened; Qik (version 4.40)streaming video service has been officially approved by the app store and is now ready to download.

This smooth application lets you to stream videos right from your iPhone.? If you don?t already have a Qik account, simply create one after downloading the application and you?re ready to start shooting video in public or private mode. If you choose private you?ll control who sees the video by sending various parties a direct link from SMS or email.

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12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 11: Yelp

On the 11th day of iPhone apps,
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
If it?s local info you request,
Augmented or not, Yelp is the best!

About Yelp:

Search for and receive reviews for local business and service providers while on the go. View nearby restaurants, stores, banks, etc. based on your location. Obtain a quick rating, reviews, contact info and directions. Filter your results via distance from, affordability, and what?s actually open. You can also bookmark your favorites and/or email them to friends. View the feed of real-time results for local reviews, quick tips, and added photos. [Read more…]


12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 10: Dragon Search

On the 10th Day of iPhone Apps
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
Dragon Search powers voice,
Displays results on the fly!

About the Dragon Search app:
Historically if you wanted to search a keyword or phrase on your iPhone you?ve typed directly into a search engine. Ok, maybe you?ve tried the Google voice app, but for me I was left wanting more. Not any longer, Dragon Search is the new one-stop search application controlled by your voice. At its heart you’ll gain the ability to speak any given search into like Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Twitter, iTunes, and Wikipedia. Once the results have populated your screen, use the intuitive search carousel to switch between the other sources on the fly. Dragon also archives recent searches, allowing you to quickly recall past activity.

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12 Days of iPhone Apps ? Day 9: Animoto

On the 9th Day of iPhone Apps
MyTechOpinion blogged to you?
Animoto on the go,
Create & share a cool slideshow!

About the Animoto app:

It should be no surprise to you that we think Animoto rocks! So endorsing the Animoto iPhone app is something we?ve been meaning to do. With it,? you create free 30 second animated slideshows, or a 90 second slideshow for $3. The app also syncs with your account. So all the slideshows you create from your desktop will be accessible. The Animoto app also sports share controls, making it easy to share your slideshow from your iPhone to social networks or via email with a special message to your recipient. [Read more…]