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CardMunch: The Handy Solution to Business Card Overload

It?s certainly not a stretch to say that business cards are broken. It?s not that they don?t work at all, but think about it?business cards haven?t changed with the times. We still hand out this paper card that needs to be digitized and entered into a database. In recent years we?ve seen many technologies attempt to ?fix? the transfer of contact information?we had ?beaming??then mobile apps like Bump, and a wide variety of business card scanners. But each has had its own set of problems. With Bump, the other party needs to be using the software, and of course have it setup properly. Mobile card scanners were a great idea, but to get 100% accuracy they proved very labor intensive.

That?s all changed with CardMunch from LinkedIn! This powerful iPhone app has quickly become one of my favorites. Its business benefit is huge, and right now you can download the app for free. (Android and Blackberry Users: CardMunch says they have a version for you coming soon.) [Read more…]

post Your New Favorite Screen Sharing Tool

Over the last few years we’ve covered many different screen sharing technologies.? Some were bloated with heavy installs and others had the perfect feature set but were over-priced for the average real estate agent. Today we have an option that may just bridge the gap perfectly. Introducing, a FREE and simple screen sharing tool that can support a variety of needs whether you’re holding ?a virtual office meeting with peers, reviewing homes with an out-of-town buyer, or even going over contract details with a busy seller.

Really? So how is different?

My biggest complaint about online meeting software is that typically the install feels overly complicated and users need to keep track of ID’s and passwords.? simplifies all that by allowing meeting owners to easily share one thing–the meeting URL.? The people you invite are not asked for anything…no email, no username…they simply click the link you’ve shared. ?As for compatibility, both PC’s and Mac’s are good to go. employs Flash player 10 found in any of the current browsers. [Read more…]


Lucky Number 7

Two and a half years has gone by very quickly. It seems like just yesterday that I was booting up my Windows Vista computer for the first time with excitement and anticipation. For me, it was like watching that summer blockbuster you?ve eagerly awaited in hopes of it exceeding your expectations. But, like most summer blockbusters, Windows Vista didn?t live up to expectations. It was a bloated and flawed operating system in many ways. Vista does have quite a few redeeming qualities. It was an improvement over Windows XP to the point that I never considered reformatting and going back the older OS (something I did shortly after installing Windows ME).

We are now back to a time of great anticipation. Hopes that Microsoft will redeem itself with the release Windows 7 abound. Will Windows 7 be faster? Will it ask fewer annoying questions? Will it work with all of my current software and hardware? With the Windows 7 release coming October 22, all of our questions will be answered soon enough.

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Facebook?s Fan Box ? The Inside Scoop

Last Wednesday (July 8, 2009) Facebook unveiled a new widget that lets users promote and showcase their Facebook Page on any website or blog. The widget comes with your Facebook page stream and fan avatars. ?This is Facebook?s 2nd widget; they also recently launched the Live Stream box to let anyone incorporate a Facebook chat box into their site.

If you would like to know how you get the Fan Box, watch this short video:

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Pimp Your Screens

Now that you have 2 (or more) monitors, it’s time to customize your system. Here are a few resources to give you extra functionality and ways to personalize your multiple monitor system.


Want the taskbar to extend across all screens? Want to display different wallpapers on each monitor or one large image across both screens? These and other features may require additional software. Here are a few utilities to get more control over your multiple monitor system.

UltraMon ($39.95)

Complete dual monitor utility that I currently use. The most feature rich of the dual monitor control programs. Features include: [Read more…]


Jott for Blackberry – The Secret To Speaking Your Emails

In March I started using Jott for Blackberry beta, in hopes that I could save time by replying to email with my voice via my Blackberry. To my surprise this voice to email application was remarkable and accurate. Although as I’ve been talking with real estate agents I’m learning that many have not heard of this useful technology. That’s unfortunate because as a busy real estate agent you are probably sending many emails while out of the office and maybe even while you are on the road. Needless to say, emailing while driving can be dangerous.? If that email needs to be sent immediately, using Jott for Blackberry you can simply attach your Bluetooth headset and speak your email while keeping both hands on the steering wheel. (We are not endorsing emailing while driving…simply sharing the technology. )

How do I get started?
To start, Jott for Blackberry supports series 8800, 8300 (Curve), and 8100 (Pearl) models. If you are using one of these devices, simply visit on your mobile phone and download the application. Note that once Jott for Blackberry is installed you will need an active Jott account to use the service. Easily get an account by visiting Jott online or from your mobile device after downloading the application.

Once Jott for Blackberry has been installed, you are ready to start sending emails by voice. Locate an email you would like to reply to and choose “Reply with Jott” or “Reply to All with Jott” from the top of the reply menu. Next Jott will speak a welcome message and ask you to press any key (except hang up) to begin recording. Then speak your email and keep it to less than 30 seconds in length.? Once finished speaking your email, simply hold down any button to send. You will also have an option to preview the recorded audio before sending the message. You’ll notice that within a few minutes of sending the voice message it will be [Read more…]


Windows XP Service Pack 3 May Cause More Issues Than It Fixes

I started writing this article from the standpoint that a third service pack to the already stable Windows XP operating system could only be a positive thing. Unfortunately, my opinion changed once I installed the update on my own computer.

SP3 is Microsoft’s final push to address issues with Windows XP before it is all but pulled from the market this summer. Once this happens, whether you are a Vista fan or not, that will be the only Windows choice available for purchase.

Windows XP SP3 is quite a letdown in comparison to the added functionality seen with Service Pack 2. Service Pack 2 gave new life to Windows XP, making you feel that the massive download and installation was worth the effort. The reality is that no real estate agent will directly benefit from SP3’s new feature set.

Issues with Service Pack 3 Installations

While you may not notice any benefit from installing SP3, you might be [Read more…]