Mashable Open Web Awards ? Voting Starts Today!

The 2nd Annual Open Web Awards is here and voting starts today! MyTechOpinion is a blog partner this year, along with 100 other blogs from around the globe! We’ve also been nominated in the “how-to” category. So if you’ve enjoyed MyTechOpinion and want to give us your vote, just scroll down…we’ve made it easy for you!

If you’re not already familiar with Mashable’s Open Web Awards, it’s the only multilingual international online voting competition which is centered around innovative Web technologies.? The Open Web Awards gives top honors to blogs in 26 categories (ex: blog plugins, social news, photo sharing, travel, sports & fitness, mobile applications, how-to, etc). Last year’s winners included Facebook, Digg, Google, Meetup, Twitter, and others.
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Real Estate Vlogging Contest Update

I may have been tired with kids whining in the background?but I didn?t let that stop me from quickly shooting this Contest Update with Reggie?s help. So whatever obstacle is standing in the way of your video blog entry, I don?t care! No excuses, send us your link already?I?m waiting!

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Kick Off To MTO Vlogging Contest!

Okay, so you may have noticed we have taken a fancy to podcasting here over the last few months.? It’s been a great exploration of social media….learning how to best create and share our podcasts. ?I could also compare my experience to that of a horror flick, as recording and listening to my own voice pretty much scares everyone out of the office. I started out as a perfectionist, trying to bleep out and edit all my verbal mistakes. Poor Reggie would listen from a far as a barrage of four letter words would radiate from my mouth with each tongue twister I encountered. I quickly learned to “get over” the mishaps and just let the words flow. Besides, everyone makes mistakes and it’s just more natural and easier to listen to.

So, now that I’ve been podcasting for awhile, the next scary medium that requires my attention….is video. Duh! I’ve been afraid to touch vlogging in the past for many of the same reasons that others have been avoiding the camera:? (1) it takes too much time, (2) not sure about the right equipment, (3) what content is best to share, and (4) I will look and sound like a jackass…or to quote one of my favorite comedic geniuses, Adam Sandler, “They’re all gonna laugh at you!”

I finally have the perfect retort:

(1) TIME REBUTTAL: Make a commitment to once a week. Pick a spot and shoot. It can actually take a lot less time than writing a post…if you know what you’re talking about.

(2) EQUIPMENT REBUTTAL: The Flip…it’s $149 and has one red button for start and stop and plugs directly into your computer via USB drive. Video opens in a super easy format with immediate email and upload options. Oh, and no rendering time!

(3) CONTENT REBUTTALL: What makes you and your niche unique? If you are asking questions or talking about a specific topic, idea, thing, or place…chances are someone else is. So address those topics. If you’re clients have regular inquiries about your [Read more…]