5 Resolutions I Wish Facebook Users Would Make in the New Year

You’re clearly here because you care about your Facebook friends. You want to listen, learn from, help and contribute! I like you already! So brush up on your Facebook “best practices” and make these 5 resolutions to improve your Facebook engagement (if you haven’t already).

(1) ? No more whining about the timeline?just accept it already. We all know Facebook makes changes, so get used to them. ?HOW we share will always evolve…but WHAT we share is specific to who we are. It’s time to take responsibility for the communication tool we find so helpful…and so fun!

(2) ? Stop sharing images with words on them?especially when they?ve been shared 14 other times in your network already. Instead, use the status bar and text, or your own photos to illustrate your thoughts, comical ideas, or motivational phrases.

(3) ? Don?t encourage bad behavior. If you don?t like how someone continually asks for ?likes? then don?t like the post already. If you think its lame when people ask really cheesy questions?then don?t eat the brie. But remember you are on Facebook to be social, right?! So own your interactions?and engage in a way that feels comfortable to you. [Read more…]