How to Add Podcasting to Your Real Estate Blog

You may have noticed we recently made a commitment to podcasting here at MyTechOpinion.? If not, look just below each of our posts and you should see the podcast player.? Podcasting is simply a way of distributing digital media over the Internet using RSS.? And for real estate agents who are looking for that next social medium to boost their blog success, perhaps podcasting is just what you need.

Podcasting can enhance your blog content and your online visibility. Strengthen the bond you have with your current audience, as well as reach a new audience. And, give your blog readers the flexibility to listen and obtain your expertise on the go!? Podcasting is even an affordable and pretty seamless option when it comes to integrating a new social media tool to your blog. So let’s get you started already!

Get equipped! Prior to your first audio podcast you will need the following equipment. [Read more…]