Confucius Say: You will inherit some money or a small piece of land

Well, that’s what I was hoping for when I read my fortune after eating take-out recently.? Actually, I tried switching with Reggie but he held fast to his fortune:? “A member of your family will do something to make you proud.” And apparently I did just that this week! In fact, when good things happen, they seem to come in 3’s, so without further ado:

Good fortune #1: I was named as one of the 25 Most Influential Bloggers in Real Estate by Inman News. Can you believe it! I thought @LaniAR (also named on the list) was pulling my leg, but it’s true! I will say, this is obviously a subjective list, but nonetheless, I share this achievement with 24 other rockin’ bloggers, and of course with my MTO co-authors Reggie Nicolay and Chad Johnson. According to Inman News, “This annual list of most influential real estate bloggers recognizes those bloggers who are well-known, well-read and have a knack for stirring up discussion and debate on important, timely and relevant topics for the industry.” ?I was included in the “Marketing & How-to” section along with Dustin Luther and Jim Cronin.? Check out Jim’s blog for the complete list of bloggers.

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“Does my blog REally rock?” An Assessment for Serious Real Estate Bloggers

Have you taken a good look around your real estate blog lately? ?Would you like to gain more traffic?? And, reach each your target audience, for real? If you are serious about your blog, then you should be serious about taking new steps and exploring innovative options to boost your blog success. Don’t let your blog take a back seat to 2.0!

MTO is gearing up for the Inman Connect SF. In fact, I’ve been invited to speak on the Blogger’s Connect panel entitled, “Growing Pains: Taking Your Blog to the Next Level“, alongside these A-list rockin’ real estate blog experts Dustin Luther, Jim Cronin, and Daniel Rothamel. ?The RE 2.0 guru himself will be there as moderator, yes, you know him….Jeff Turner. ?So over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing tools and suggestions for taking that next level leap. But of course I’ll be leaving the meatiest of it all for those of you attending the Connect. So, I hope to see you there!

Anyway, our blogucation cannot begin without a self assessment, a blog assessment really. The best teachers assess at the beginning and the end of an assignment or goal. How else will you know if you made any real strides? To start, you will notice that the following assessment is organized in 2 sections, Internal Factors and External Factors.? To examine your blog best, you should focus on these 2 areas.

Internal Factors are actions, tools, and strategies you put into play on your blog to give it life, display your expertise and target your audience. These may include your voice, design, blog posts, organization, comments, etc. ?External Factors are actions, tools, and strategies you use to reach outside of your blog, create interaction, and hopefully bring readers back to you.? These may include, but not limited to: IDX Search, email newsletters, commenting, podcasting, video, social networking, etc.

Take the “Does my blog REally rock?” Assessment (Directions: Print this article, read each question, and write your yes or no answer next to each one. If you’re old school, grab a piece of paper and number 1-6 twice, then write down your answers. Keep your eyes on your own paper. ) [Read more…]