Some Like It Hot (But Your Laptop Doesn’t)

Few things are as dangerous to the well-being of your computer as heat. An overheated computer can cause annoying performance issues, such as lockups. It can also cause permanent damage, like when my CPU fan failed which fried my CPU and motherboard. That was a costly problem.

Heat has always been an even bigger issue with laptop computers. Heat producing components are crammed into the smallest cases possible. This leaves very little room for cooling systems, which are usually limited to tiny exhaust fans. Not quite adequate.

Use your laptop for an extended period of time and feel the bottom. It is hot! People have burned their legs from this heat. Furniture has even been marred from it.

Thankfully, there is an easy, inexpensive solution to the laptop heat issue.

Manufacturers, such as Targus, Belkin and Antec, are producing laptop cooling pads. These thin plates contain 1 or more cooling fans and are powered via a USB cable. When you set your laptop on one of these devices, fresh air is continuously blown on the bottom of the laptop keeping it cool.

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