That?s What You Get For Waking Up In Vegas!

Calling all real estate bloggers!!! Would you like to spend some time with real people who actually know what blogs are…and why they ROCK! Would you enjoy learning new tips and strategies for continuing your blog success, or perhaps launching it?! Are you wondering where the future of social media can take you, and how to push the limits of innovation while remaining effective? Do you need a vacation and time to play? Or dance? Or go to a show without leaving 20 minutes after it starts because your kids can’t sit still? (Oh, sorry…that one was for me!) If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, I suggest you head to REBlogWorld and the BlogWorld/New Media Expo in Las Vegas! And actually…you don’t really need a reason to go to Vegas…it’s Vegas! Woohoo! (I’m not excited…at all!)

BlogWorld officially kicks off October 15th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.? The first day of the 3 day program will provide some specific niche tracks…one of which is Real Estate BlogWorld. [Read more…]