Mobile Email Without a Magnifying Glass

A hole in the computer industry has been filled. The crazy thing is that no one saw the hole. Let me explain.

With laptops and smart phones, it would seem that the mobile real estate agent’s computing needs are fulfilled. When the laptop is too much to carry, you have the smart phone for email, internet and even document creation. What else would anyone need?

Unfortunately, the smart phone isn’t the perfect mobile companion for everyone. As eye sight goes, those tiny screens get tough to read. On top of that, the thumb-stroke keyboard is only suitable for short messages.

A new class of notebook, the “micro” or “mini”, has hit the market to fill the void between the laptop and smart phone. Equipped with 9-10″ LED screens, full keyboards, webcams, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and solid state hard drives, these mini notebooks make checking email and surfing the internet a real join.

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