A Twitter Resource for Real Estate Twits

I was inspired to write this post after the several public whippings I have received in support of Twitter. I think it’s obvious that either “you do” or “you don’t” Twitter.? And that’s fine. Nobody is saying (especially me) that if you don’t Twitter you will never reach Zen 2.0, or your real estate client database will double overnight. I think I just appreciate the utility of Twitter (among other things) and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned and discovered thus far. So if you love it already like Hitler, or you’ve found yourself on a bandwagon to Twitterville, this post is for you.

Quickly, (I’ll try) let me fill you in on why Twitter has become my connection companion. First, I find myself behind a computer most days and it’s nice to know that others out there sharing the same interests (or not) want to share themselves with me.? And not only share their transparent moments, but also extremely helpful tips, resources, and information….that positively impact my own professional development and business.? Twitter has even assisted me with customer service 2.0. (Thanks @Midphase)

Out of the office, Twitter Mobile -Style is where it’s at! I can send pictures of whacky things, great ideas, or inspirational thoughts with any of the numerous Twitter apps available. Moreover, I can check in with the people that mean the most to me. I can find out where my peeps are at for a meetup or connect with conference goers on a deeper level. BTW-If you’re already using Twitter, I’m sure you have 101 reasons why you already love it (so leave me a comment). This lightening speed overview is mostly for newbies wondering what the hype is all about.

So if you’re on the fence or not. Check out the following widely used and loved Twitter applications that I either use myself or have been clued into by other Twitter users.? Twitter does not require outside apps to gain appreciation or like, they just make the experience more lovable! FYI-I do NOT recommend downloading and trying to use every app mentioned below, but rather encourage you to peruse for yourself and pick a few to try out. Now if you are in good company with other Twitter users, I’m sure they will point you in the direction they favor most!

10 Mobile Apps:

  1. Twitterrific
  2. Twittelator
  3. Twitterberry
  4. TwitterFon
  5. Gyazickr
  6. Hahlo
  7. Cetwit
  8. Twapper
  9. Twitt’d
  10. Twinkle
10 Desktop Apps:

  1. Twhirl
  2. Tweetdeck
  3. TwitterFox
  4. Twitterific
  5. Snitter
  6. Tweetr
  7. Twitteroo
  8. Flotzom
  9. Yoono
  10. OutTwit

10 Twitter Tools:

  1. Twitter Search (aka Summize): Filter your tweets by searching keywords, phrases, twits, trends and more. (ex: real estate professionals, bloggers, industry experts, special interests, key niche phrases, etc)
  2. TwitterLocal Search for twits in your local area. (ex: Find and follow all the twits in your neck of the woods… reach out with tips and transparency. )
  3. Twitter Counter : Find out who the most popular twits are. Who knows, you may identify a few great resources for following and gaining great info.
  4. TweetScan: Get tweets mailed to you that include your selected keywords or phrases. (ex: If you set the keywords for your niche real estate market and neighborhoods you can find twits that may be planning a move soon…or at least talking about your area.)
  5. Twitter Atlas: A mashup of Twitter and Microsoft’s Virtual Earth. See also Twittervision. Just a really cool visual interface for identifying where twits are.
  6. Remember the Milk: Kind of like Jott, but Twitter style. RTM is your personal reminder service. Ask RTM to remind you to pick up dry cleaning, order inspections, or grab milk at the store.
  7. TwittyTunes: Tweet the songs are you are currently playing with one click. Send inspirational songs, bday greetings, or just share cool tunes.
  8. Twitpic : Share your photos on Twitter. It’s as simple as that! See also Mobypicture: Post pictures with one click to Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Wordlpress, etc. (video & audio coming soon)
  9. Twitterfeed : Submit your blog feed and your latest posts are auto-twittered.
  10. : Relays messages to a variety of social networking sites from AIM, Gtalk, iGoogle, WAP, iPhone, iPod Touch, SMS, or email.

To get the conversations starting, here are 10 really cool RE twits that crack me up or assist me in my goal of being a lifelong learner (don’t hate, just follow):

  1. @BNIX
  3. @INES
  4. @LANIAR
  10. @TBOARD

TWITTER DISCLAIMER: Twitter can spend your time like nobody’s business. So manage accordingly. Also, in the beginning you may feel compelled to add everyone who adds you.? I did. But now I recognize the people I find interesting, helpful, hilarious or meaningful. Everyone else is getting “unfollowed”. Sorry, I can only stand so much noise.

BTW-Check out this new Twitter Commercial…you may see a familiar face…and hands?