Bobbing for iPhone Apps: 15 Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into

I’ve been using the iPhone now for about 2 months. I’ve downloaded several different iPhone applications-some good, some bad. Here is a list of applications I find useful at this time. Please share your favorite iPhone app and tell us why it’s useful in your daily life.


1.? DeliciousSafari – I absolutely love this application as it helps me quickly and easily access my books marks wherever I go.


2.? vCard Mailer – This application let’s you send vCards to recipients. To receive the vCard, recipients need a device that can receive email and recognize the vCard format.

3. Remote Desktop Lite – Do you run Windows XP? Do you want access to your desktop while your remote? If you answered yes to both questions you need to try MochaSoft’s Remote Desktop Lite. It provides secure access to your XP computer using the iPhone. You can see everything as though you were sitting at your PC…just much smaller.

4. Home Finder – Alexander Mobile uses sources like Google Base, Craigslist and Trulia to return area homes. Also share results via email.

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