neighborhoodYou were smart enough to choose WordPress for your professional real estate website, so don’t miss opportunities to convert nosy neighbors into clients. Learn how to set up local landing pages with the relevant info your targets want and need.



Congrats to @TonyLongo! BlockAvenue launches today…and is aimed at delivering a better integration of geolocation and social!?Get the whole scoop?from Techcrunch!


Finding Tweighbors on Twitter

You’ve arrived! You’re on Twitter, you’re tweeting, but are you strategically growing your network? And I’m not talking about following all of someone else’s followers. It’s definitely valuable to learn from your peers, but following every other agent in the Twitosphere is not necessarily going to help you build relationships and grow your network within your own market area.

There are some great techniques and tools, however, which you can employ to get to know the twits in your neck of the woods. And once you find and follow these local twits, it’s your job to befriend them with your interest based experiences, professional expertise (transparently), and above all…being helpful. Be a friendly conversationalist, gradually gaining trust and building relationships…that may lead to offline connecting and potential sales leads when the time is right.

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External Factors Affecting Your Blog Success

I used to teach my first graders a really fun game to learn about how plants grow. Each student would get a laminated “secret identity card” (sun, soil, water, air, seed). The seeds (excitable first graders) would travel through the air (run from one side of the blacktop top the other) looking for the elements (other excitable first graders) needed for their growth. But the elements were not so easy to acquire. [Read more…]


Add Cyberhomes To Your Real Estate Website, Blog or Single Property Site

As a real estate agent looking to keep buyers and sellers on your website, blog or single property site, you realize the importance of providing local data that provides transparency to your market. Nevertheless finding the right data can be a daunting task. Not only does the data need to be accurate and updated often, but it needs to be presented in a way that encourages consumers to interact with it.

Today I’ll be sharing the Cyberhomes Smart Frame which will allow you to search by city or zip code then retrieve a unique URL to be framed into your site without cost. Although before I do, let’s review some of Cyberhomes strengths:

+ Over 100 million?searchable properties with AVM
+ 575,000 records updated monthly
+ School scores
+ City boundaries
+ Neighborhood charts and graphs
+ Interactive heat maps

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