Chicks Love MTO v.2

No, you don?t need to adjust your monitor settings.? We launched MyTechOpinion? version 2? tonight. Chad made a great suggestion at our weekly offline meeting (yes, we do make it out of the office once in awhile). And before we knew, Reggie?s weekend had been spent whipping us up a new blog.

Reggie had created MTO version 1 on the Blogger platform. Ouch! And secretly longed for his own WordPress blog?especially after creating so many rockin? real estate blogs for others. However, he wouldn?t dare mess moving from Blogger without keeping our link structure intact. But after a little(LOTS) research, he decided to go with the Maintain Blogger Permalinks Plug-in. Reggie?s time finally came and we?re happy with the result.

You?ll notice that we?ve incorporated some new features along with better sorting ability to quickly identify helpful articles. Our new platform and design allows us to showcase more technology content.? We?ll be adding more video and social media tools as we get going here!

Please let us know what you think!

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