Goodbye Vista!

It is complete. I am now 100% Vista-free. Let me tell you, it feels good.

Windows 7 seems lighter, faster and cleaner. It has breathed new life into my aging computers.

First Impressions

Microsoft has done a good job of simply refining Vista. At first, I was disappointed that Windows 7 is so much like Vista. After upgrading 2 computers and working with the operating system, I am glad Microsoft didn?t start from scratch.


As an early adopter of Vista, I dealt with software and hardware compatibility issues. This was frustrating and costly as many programs and peripherals had to be replaced.

Fortunately, everything that worked on my Vista computers is compatible on Windows 7. [Read more…]


Lucky Number 7

Two and a half years has gone by very quickly. It seems like just yesterday that I was booting up my Windows Vista computer for the first time with excitement and anticipation. For me, it was like watching that summer blockbuster you?ve eagerly awaited in hopes of it exceeding your expectations. But, like most summer blockbusters, Windows Vista didn?t live up to expectations. It was a bloated and flawed operating system in many ways. Vista does have quite a few redeeming qualities. It was an improvement over Windows XP to the point that I never considered reformatting and going back the older OS (something I did shortly after installing Windows ME).

We are now back to a time of great anticipation. Hopes that Microsoft will redeem itself with the release Windows 7 abound. Will Windows 7 be faster? Will it ask fewer annoying questions? Will it work with all of my current software and hardware? With the Windows 7 release coming October 22, all of our questions will be answered soon enough.

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