Blog Action Day: Using Social Media to Fight Poverty

It’s MTO’s 2nd annual Blog Action Day post! If you’re not familiar with Blog Action Day, it’s (1) a uniting of bloggers worldwide, (2) taking action on their blogs, (3) by voicing thoughts, opinions, concerns, etc. on an important issue affecting us all. Last year, the environment was the issue at hand. Click here to read MTO’s 1st Annual Blog Action Day post on recycling.

This year, Blog Action Day asks us to take a closer look at poverty and how we can help those in need. It’s especially hard to understand poverty if you don’t see it in your own backyard. But, the current economic crisis is making all of us reassess our spending and savings. So if we’re hurting in one way or another, imagine how much more affected the impoverished will become if we stop giving our time and resources.

You may feel strapped which may make you feel less powerful to help. But there are plenty of ways you can reach out using tools and items on hand. So don’t let this economic crisis get you down…get inspired by a need and get motivated to provide what’s needed.

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