Get TECH-NIK-KOL at RETechSouth

Back in college….when I was “finding myself” I temporarily changed the spelling of my first name to “Nikkol” from Nicole. I hadn’t obtained my last name yet…so “NikNik” was not even in contention. Now that you’ve been hit over the head with this completely useless information….let me give you a super tip as to where you can gain some valuable “tech-nik-kol” insight for your real estate business. Here it is, are you ready….attend RETechSouth!

RETEchSouth is taking place Friday, March 20th in Atlanta. Well, at the Gimmet Center to be exact. Now the really exciting part is that a pair of highly skilled real estate professionals (Brad Nix & Matt Fagioli) is responsible for organizing this 2nd annual event. And they’ve invited a myriad of real estate innovators and influencers to present, share and teach. [Read more…]