How Neat Are Your Receipts?

You may not have been very organized when it came to your real estate business receipts last year, but there?s a handy technology tool that can change all that for you this year! Neat Receipts is a scanner/software combination that will organize all your receipts, expense reports and other business documents.

After sending your documents through the scanner, the software will automatically catalog the information making manageability a snap. You basically turn your piles of paper into organized digital files. That?s right, from piles to files.

I?ve witnessed the efficiency of this tool first hand. My stepmom takes Neat Receipts with her wherever she goes (like lipgloss), ready at a moment?s notice to scan those ?write-offs?! It?s quite amazing to see how effective and organized one person can be. She inspired me to try one on myself?and I haven?t looked back at my piles since!Neat Receipts 3.0 Features:

  • Smart sorting
  • Enhanced PDF functionality
  • Keyword search
  • 2007 tax categories
  • Scans quickly and easily
  • Image viewer

Neat Receipts Version 3.0 retails online for $229.00, or purchase in bulk to save. Click here for pricing. Sorry Mac users, you’ll have to wait until March/April 2008 to get your version.

To learn more, watch this demo.