TheClozing: The Real Estate News Aggregator

I remember just 3 or 4 years ago I could count all of my favorite blogs on one hand. It was easy to keep up with all the useful content.? But obviously with the growing popularity of blogs and other online content all that’s changed. While this evolution took place, many of us turned to websites that aggregate useful information like TechMeme. Although if you find yourself in the real estate niche you’ve noticed that we’re often forgotten, so that mainstream content can take center stage. That is, until I ran into

TheClozing is based off the TechMeme format, but is classified as a real estate and business news aggregator. ?This is done by gathering and organizing real estate news from major U.S. newspapers, magazines and publications with related articles from the social media world. ?That’s where the real value comes in.? Viewers can read the mainstream stories, and then review related blogs for the back-story.? The site refreshes every hour, to provide new content.

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