Blackberry vs. iPhone: One Technoman?s Experience

It may go with saying that I’m one of those individuals who waited outside AT&T for my new iPhone. But this was not just a simple switch from one technology to another.? My Blackberry has been a godsend over the years. I truly loved the mobile device. Email?and calendar couldn’t have been easier. The device had always been stable.? But what was it that made me want to switch? Before I answer that, let me back peddle a bit!

Luckily NikNik got the iPhone at the same time!

Luckily for me, NikNik and I got our phones at the same time.? Although mine had terrible reception from the start.? But the issue was strange; I would go from 5 bars to no service very quickly.? When I compared it with NikNik’s, the difference was night and day. Her iPhone had great reception.? I immediately went?to AT&T to let them know that I had a defective phone. However the salesman at the counter told me it was a bad SIM card. So he added a new SIM card and sent me off on my way. Within 5 minutes I knew my iPhone was not fixed. I still had “NO SERVICE!”? So now I’m back at AT&T for the 3rd time in as many days so we could take a closer look at my iPhone reception problems. This time the sales associate tells me that [Read more…]