How To Consolidate Your Email Notifications?In A Nutshell!

I don?t know about you, but I get quite a few email notifications from the various social networks I engage in. From new Twitter follower notifications to Facebook friend requests and updates?.my inbox can get uber-cluttered, uber-fast!

A new service called NutshellMail aims to be the Mr. Clean of your email inbox! With it, you can add all your social accounts, even other Webmail providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. And instead of getting hit with a barrage of notifications you get one sleek email that gives you a daily rundown of social happenings from all your accounts!

I?ve been using NutshellMail for a couple of weeks now, and I find it to be a very useful way to consolidate all my email notifications. Which honestly reduces the distractions, stress, and organizational efforts I once dealt with.

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Kickstart Your Blog Community with Facebook Connect

My household lives and breathes tech, so I’m sure it comes as no surprise that we take advantage of every opportunity to geek out. In fact, I take the kids to the “Gym Park” (as we call it) so I can burn off my diet of ice cream and peanut butter via kickboxing, the kids get to run wild in Fitzone, and most importantly…Reggie can stay home and DIG! He’s the best Webdigger I know. And if left completely alone on a Saturday morning can turn up some valuable Webgems! This Saturday morning was no different. And when I got home Reggie was working away on integrating Facebook Connect with both MTO and the Cyberhomes Industry Blog.

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