Blackberry Messenger: Helping Real Estate Teams Communicate

Blackberry devices are a great way for real estate teams to communicate. Having the ability to send and receive emails from anywhere adds an additional channel of communication that previously was limited to the home or office.

There is one noticeable downside to email communication via Blackberry, unless you have invested in a technology called Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), you may experience as much as a 15-minute lag in the sending and receiving of emails. This lends itself to the possibility of a 30 minute timeframe for an email to be sent and a reply to be received. I have seen real estate teams try to overcome this shortfall through the use of PIN messages. This is a fairly decent alternative technology, but really doesn?t amount to much more than a fancy text message (SMS).

A great technology solution for instant communication is the Blackberry Messenger. This instant messenger program allows real estate agents using such Blackberry models as the Pearl, 8800, and 8300(Curve) to chat as they would using any of the more familiar desktop computer instant messaging programs (AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger). Chat with everyone in your team simultaneously with no delay in transmission. You can even send files and voice notes using the Blackberry Messenger.

If you are not a fan of the Blackberry Messenger, you might be interested in the Yahoo Messenger for Blackberry and Google Talk for Blackberry.