Why TweetLister, When You Can Just Twitter

What is TweetLister?

TweetLister is a new Twitter tool specifically created for real estate agents. Signing up for the free service allows you to post, schedule and manage real estate listings on Twitter. Track clicks received on your listings, as well as collect and download contacts you get through those listings (available via an Excel Report).

While I see the benefit of scheduling resourceful tweets to share with your network (aka “drip tweets”) throughout the day, I don’t recognize the benefit of ONLY twittering your listings. As a real estate professional on Twitter, your goal should be to become your network’s trusted advisor. This means you should be sharing what makes you a great source of related information. Yes, listing information is important to your local network (for those planning to transact now or in the near future). But what about the vast majority who are not transacting. Surely you want to maintain your connections and provide resourceful and local information so that when those in the majority are ready to transact, they call you!

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Organize Chaos with The Real Estate Tweet Plan

Have you considered better organizing your time on Twitter? Wait…before you call me a rigid “you know what” or send hate email telling me I’m ruining the spontaneity of Twitter, think first about how much of your work time and efficiency is affected by tuning into to Twitter all day. Maybe it’s not. Perhaps you are the type that can free flow all day, tuning in…tuning out. Or you could be a self-proclaimed Twitaholic, who can easily manage your twitter volume from your desktop on Tweetdeck and Twitterific Pro on the go…never missing a single tweet from your 1000+ followers! Good for you!

But now more than ever real estate twits are working twice as hard. Do you really have time to tweet all day while you’re showing 18 houses, writing multiple contracts, and consulting with your clients? If you do, great…don’t bother reading the rest of this article. The Real Estate Tweet Plan is only for twits looking to organize and better balance social media marketing strategies.

Recently, I wrote a Tweet Plan for Darren Rowse’s new blog, This was a general Tweet Plan framework really, so I thought I’d share an example Real Estate Tweet Plan. And it goes a little something like this…

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22 Reasons to Use Twitter for Business and Pleasure

Last week I was invited to take part in a top secret Twitter Mission. I received a request from JulieTweets to arrive at a red door in San Francisco by 12:30 sharp! Thanks to GPS (asking the parking attendant) I found it promptly! Anyway, once I arrived I was greeted by one cool cat and 3 hot babes with cupcakes. I was in for sure now! The hot babes (savvy production crew) proceeded to set me up for video interview. Come to find out, I wasn’t the only top secret twit invited to the red door.? JulieTweets informed me that Twitter is compiling video interviews of all sorts of Twits to use in an upcoming marketing campaign. I quickly let her know that I’d be fine sharing the spotlight (not really) if she hooked me up with a Twitter shirt. Gosh, imagine what I’d do for a pair of jeans!

So for those of you that are not familiar with Twitter (come out from under your rock), it’s a cross between blogging and instant messaging. Also referred to as micro-blogging. Each tweet or post must be 140 characters or less. You can add more value to each tweet by including links to helpful blogs and Websites, your wacky pictures and videos, etc.? And each tweet is centered around answering the question, “What are you doing?”

To be honest, I poo pooed Twitter for some time. I just didn’t need (or want) another social networking tool to contend with. I can admit when I’m wrong. In fact, because Twitter updates in real time I’m able to reach an on audience on the spot.? Besides being just fun…Twitter is a valuable safety tool as well. If you haven’t heard about the student who Twittered his way out of an Egyptian jail, read this. You may not be visiting any foreign countries in the near future, but you can use Twitter at home to let loved ones know where you are and if any unfavorable persons are bothering you. (EX: Unfamiliar meeting locations, Open Houses, etc.)

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