Double Your Monitor, Double Your Fun!

Dual monitor systems are no longer just for geeks. Granted, Reggie, NikNik and I are geeks and we all use dual monitor systems. But it is time that the average real estate agent looks into adding a second monitor to their desk.

What is so special about using 2 monitors?

Besides making your friends think you are a computer genius, there are huge productivity benefits to having a second screen. Think of all of the programs that you have open during a typical business day. At any given point, you may have a browser or 2 open, Outlook, a few folders, a photo or video editing program, Twhirl or another Twitter application and maybe even iTunes for some background music. All of this can quickly clutter a computer screen.

Now, image that instead of one 22″ monitor, you have 2. Suddenly, you have twice the real estate to work with. You can move email and social networking activities to one monitor while reserving the other screen for browsing, photo editing and video creation.

No more shuffling through windows to get to what you want to work on next. Everything is already in front of you.
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