12 Ways to Use Bubble Video in Your Real Estate Business

Yes, it’s true…I thoroughly enjoy creating deliciously dorky birthday videos. ?It gives me a chance to show off another facet of my personality…the REAL NikNik! And apparently, highly intelligent and obviously fun-loving people find them somewhat engaging! If you haven’t seen one of these masterpieces, check out these birthday dance grams for @Respres, @MikeMueller, and @BHGRE_Sherry.

More recently though, I’ve created “welcome videos” for my new Twitter followers. I wanted something that would stand out in a sea of simple greetings like…”Thanks for following!” So I usually send new followers a welcome message with a link to a video that lets them know what they can expect being a follower. The only downside to the video link is that it takes new Twits to a 3rd party site (like Viddler) to view my videos. Now I have a video player embedded on my blog, but to keep my “welcome video” most current I would have to create a blog page specifically for a welcome video. But, I’m looking for a bit more flexibility with my short and sweet videos.

Thanks to the BubbleGuru (aka: Kevin Sherman) and his Bubble video solutions I have some seriously great video options now! With BubbleTweet, BubbleComment, and BubbleTestimonial, I can create, send and manage all sorts of fun and informational videos and place them atop any Website or page I choose! Bubble-what? Let me break it down for you:

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