Apple or Windows? You Chime In.

It has held true that none of my blog posts get as many comments as those that discuss Apple products as real estate technology solutions. The passion and devotion of the legion of Apple fans, not to mention the hordes of Windows users,? has made for some spirited debates and turned many new readers on to MyTechOpinion.

In an effort to spark a discussion to rival any that we have had on MyTechOpinion, I would like to try something a bit different. A sort of editorial piece if you will.

I will ask a question, provide a few pieces of information to fuel the discussion and then allow you to weigh in. My hope is that different opinions and points of view can be presented in a way that will shed new light on the subject, as this is a question that has bewildered me for years.

With that said, here we go:

Is the Apple computer really as superior to a Windows computer as many Mac users would have you believe?

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